Our mission is to give children a safe and positive community where they can find joy, develop healthy online relationships, and aspire to their greatest potential as tomorrow’s digital citizens.

Zigazoo is a top-5 kids app on the Apple App Store and the world’s largest social network for kids. On Zigazoo, kids make video responses to challenges made by the world’s biggest children’s brands and share them with friends.

We are American parents and teachers who get our inspiration from children and believe in the power of kid creations. We founded Zigazoo in 2020 to give parents the tools they need to make screen-time healthier, smarter, guilt-free, and joyful for families around the world. We invite you to the wonderful world of Zigazoo to have fun, learn, and enjoy time with your Zigazoo friends!

In contrast to most social media platforms, Zigazoo prioritizes safety and positive interactions with our features that are carefully designed with your child in mind. Safety has been our first priority since day one. Zigazoo is KidSAFE COPPA Certified and 100% human moderated. All content has been diligently reviewed by Zigazoo’s moderation team to ensure only safe and age-appropriate content is being created by and shown to the Zigazoo community.

Zigazoo has been featured in CNN, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Axios, Fortune, and the New York Times and has been praised by the likes of Scary Mommy and Moms.com. Zigazoo partners with the world’s most popular entertainment companies, sports leagues, publishers, celebrities, zoos, museums, award-winning musicians, athletes, and children’s brands to offer exciting content for kids to engage with, learn from, and share with friends!

Our newest feature is that Zigazooers can earn digital and physical prizes for completing challenges! We can’t wait to see you on Zigazoo.